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She's not gonna do it

I mentioned a bit about Linsy and gymnastics. Well I figured that even though she said she wasn't going to participate that once she got there she would just jump right in. Think again Shera. No way did she have any plans to join the class. I went in with her and she watched a bit but wanted to have nothing to do with them – well almost nothing. She said she'd do the beam. Sure enough when they were on the beam we went in the gym, she did a couple of walks on the beam and then walked right out again. I am very disappointed that it isn't working out for her. She has enjoyed gymnastics so much. It was also nice that it is something that she and Paco were doing together. They often had fun recreating gym classes at home. I guess home is the only place she will be doing it anymore. At first I was upset with Linsy. I didn't understand why she was being so adamant about not being in the class. That has faded and now I am just upset that she is missing out on t

Do they ever learn?

A while ago Linsy came up to me and asked me to look at her ear. OK looks fine. What's up? Well it turns out that inside there is a little bead – an almost translucent little bead. Yikes! Ya don't put things in your ears. I thought she understood that. Well further inspection did allow us to see the bead but that is about it. No going in there after it. So a trip to the walk-in clinic in Georgetown, more than an hour wait and seconds later the bead is out. Whew! She was quite brave throughout the procedure and I am glad it was Linsy rather than Paco – he never would have been able to tolerate such a thing. He was deathly afraid of small offices, doctors and any kind of invasive touch at her age. Well we sure discussed about what goes in our orifices! Last week Paco and Linsy came running inside and Paco took a tissue and started wiping at her nose. Well it turns out she had stuck a pea up there! I don't suppose I was the most balanced with this. I was feeling

Lots of activities

Well, talk about busy. I seem to do this to myself. Some of this I think is my desire not to miss anything. Wanting to be a part of things (and yet I seem to do quite well on just staying on the outside). I see programs or classes and think the kids might be interested and sign us up for all sorts of things. Right now I put them in swimming lessons on Mondays. Paco is the oldest in his group (not uncommon for him) as he is pretty far away from swimming. Linsy is in the same group but so far for the first class she was quite happy to completely ignore the instructor. As long as I was close by she just enjoyed being in the water and bouncing around, purposefully keeping out of the class dynamics. So we'll see how things progress for both of them. One reason I put Paco specifically in swimming is because he has carefully evaded any attempts to help him integrate more into the water and get into swimming. Feels kind of sad considering I am geared towards homeschooling and

More on our loss

I feel for Mojo – the one that is left behind. Is he depressed? Does he miss her? If he found her body would he know it was her or just think it was a body? I look at him and wonder but I really don't know what is going on for the cat. If it was her she would let us know I'm sure. She would be meowing and acting restless. Sometimes I think he is restless but I just don't know. Today Thomas made a memorial in the woods. A place where the kids can come and connect with Star if they miss her. We said our goodbyes. Paco has tears on and off. Linsy seems almost oblivious to the whole thing. I feel sad for the loss. When walking I am still on the lookout for a little black anything that might be her. I still whistle sometimes and look around in case she is following me. In the evenings Paco and I would often go for a walk together. Sometimes the cats would choose to join us. Happily chasing after us for a while and then they would fall behind a bit or start meowin

A year with our cats

Today we celebrate a year that we have had the cats only there is a mourning that is happening as well. It appears that now we only have one. We haven't seen Star, the female cat, since Wednesday night. The cats like to be out during the night and she didn't come in on Thursday morning. We have walked and called and whistled and looked anywhere we can think of but have not seen any sign of her. We are thinking perhaps an eagle or a hawk thought she looked mighty tasty. She was the kids' favourite cat. She really gave meaning to the word 'scaredycat'. When she wanted to go outside she would make sure she stayed as far away from you as possible. She would go out of her way to not meet up with you in the hallway. Sort of a furtive feel to many of her movements. Last night as Paco was getting himself ready for sleep he was singing a song. Sometimes he sings to comfort himself. 'Star is dead. Starly is dead. But we still know her.' There w