January 17, 2021

Being in the hospital is hard in part, because we are surrounded by so much suffering.  Parents are there with their kids, doing their best, but so often the kids are in pain, uncomfortable, or very, very sick.  The screams of the little ones.  Sometimes it is just fear.  The nurses and doctors can signify discomfort.  Some know to appreciate the doctors and nurses. I spoke with the mom of a three-year-old boy.  I don't remember what kind of cancer but it is all throughout his body.  They are new to the journey.  Two and a half weeks in, though she spent a month trying to get answers on what was wrong with her son.  And I wonder how it will be.  Will he be able to recover?   I remember the early days, the questions, the concerns, and the feeling of being in over my head. Now, I feel more comfortable.  I see how much better Marlon is and how it looks very promising that he will recover and live a healthy, normal life.  Not everyone is so lucky and it hurts. Years ago, I made an unco

January 16, 2021

After 10 pm last night, a new person came into the split part of the room where Solomon had been.  A teenager, so not noisy once all the introductory talking was done. All in all, a fairly peaceful night for Marlon.  The nurses were surprised he didn't get up to pee more. He woke up with the mouth sores that are common with this chemo.  Seems like every time he wakes up with this feeling, is gagging and throwing up, and then starts to feel better.  So yes, he threw up before ingesting anything.  The doctor was surprised the sores eased up so fast.  There is always the possibility for more.  No appetite again. Over the course of this treatment, Marlon's tastes for foods has changed so many times I can't keep track.  Way back, before he got the feeding tube, about all he could eat were garlic stuffed olives (I was having a hard time finding them in stores after I cleaned out Sobeys) and popcorn.  Then he wouldn't touch either.  I was glad I hadn't bought too many extr

January 15, 2021

Not the best night but not expected to be either.  Solomon, the little boy in our split room, was up in the night. Marlon woke up to use the washroom just before Solomon fell asleep.  He was feeling horrible, had diarrhea.  He wanted me in bed with him and he did throw up a while after using the washroom.  He slept after that but did have more diarrhea in the night.  Grateful he is good at getting to required receptacles before letting go.  We did sleep between 4 and 8. Not surprising that Marlon didn't have much appetite but at least he only threw up the once. We did some drawing together and walked a bit and he spent a fair amount of time on the computer.  Solomon's dad was working in the room and the little boy was wandering around.  So cute, the few words he says.  He must be 2 because I heard him say NO a few times.  He went home today.  This is our last night and assuming all goes well (which it is, so far) Marlon will be set loose tomorrow evening. Happy face.  In case y

January 14, 2021

We are in the split room and the boy next door is young and scared of the nurses.  Early this morning, around 500, his machine started beeping.  Eventually, I got up and called a nurse to stop it.  But the boy had woken up and started screaming 'Da-eee!'. Again and again and again.  His dad is with him and when he is crying there is no middle D.  Marlon woke up.  He fell back asleep.  I did too, but it seemed I had hardly fallen asleep when Marlon needed to go to the washroom.  Oh well. This morning Marlon was NPO for the lumbar puncture.  He is quite used to being put under and I am finally getting more used to it as well.  The anesthesiologist starts pumping the white liquid in and the body doesn't stand a chance.  The eyes flutter and it sleeps.  Just as his eyes fluttered Marlon said Bye.  A chuckle went around the room. I was noticing today how many people are in the room for this.  Around 8, including a student anesthesiologist.  All is well.  Marlon did feel more gro

January 13, 2021

What English word has three consecutive double letters? Bookkeeper Marlon's pick: Imagine you are in a dark room.  How do you get out? Stop imagining We didn't do riddles today.  Didn't do a whole lot except hang out in the hospital room.  I made Marlon go on a few walks before he lost some mobility.  Accessed again.  Oh, how he dislikes being accessed.  I don't think there is anyone that likes it though.  Attached to a pole that stays close at all times. At least he wasn't accessed until after 8 pm.  He didn't really need to be at the hospital until then except for the morning appointment, but it just isn't worth back and forth twice in one day. We did drawing wars today.  I am not good at drawing.  It was good for a laugh. The first was dinosaurs which he chose because they aren't his specialty.  Marlon's is on the left, mine on the right. We agreed my bottom one looked like a cross between a gerbil and a rat with his mouth stitched closed.   I kee

January 12, 2021

What is put on a table and cut, but never eaten? A deck of cards Another dentist appointment for Linsy today.  Hopefully the last one for a while.  The treatment itself wasn't that bad but she was not in a great space for it.   I have felt the shutdown, while hard on so many, is very hard for teenagers. Linsy had hoped to get her G2 in September, but with shutdown, she changed it to January.  She booked a time to go drive her test on January 6th.  Grey zone.  She acted quick but still, most drive centers were all booked up.  She managed to get a time for the end of January in Hamilton and took it.  Grey zone extended so she misses it again.  Rough. The other day we were given a glass mug for Marlon.  Strong and sturdy.  Thank you Quin.  Today, however, Marlon was given 3 Garfield mugs!!  Thank you Jennifer.  One the exact same as the one I broke, plus two more.  This morning before I went out to pick up the mugs, Marlon was talking about bathing cats.  From a Bad Kitty point of vie

January 11, 2021

When you look for something, why is it always in the last place you look? Because when you find it, you stop looking. It was 230 in the afternoon, and Marlon was wondering how the day passed by so fast.  Just happens sometimes. We can tell a new semester has started.  Paco plays his classes through his computer speakers, and we hear the teachers' voices.  New voices. Linsy always uses earbuds so we never hear her classes. Paco still made time to play Minecraft with Marlon.  It is harder for him in the evening after supper.  He gets overheated and over-excited and by the time he gets off the computer, he feels sick and nauseous. He calmed down, we did some riddles together, and off to bed.  When he was getting into bed, I was remembering just a few months ago when getting into bed and moving into lying position was a hard task.  He has come a long way. A scratch art doodle pad picture What is put on a table and cut, but never eaten?