January 24, 2021

Another smooth day.  Marlon worked on the project by himself without needing me there.  Maybe as he sees it coming together he will feel more motivated. I had an audiobook from the library that grabbed my attention and was a very good listen.  Written by a Canadian too!  Resilience is Futile, by Julie S Lalonde.  I didn't know what to expect but was impressed.   Marlon and I ended the day with connect 4 again.  I think he won more than me.  I remember playing with him when he was sick, before his diagnosis, and I felt bad because he just wasn't on the ball and kept losing. Just another example of how much better he is.  

January 23, 2021

Feels like a long day! I went to Guelph in the morning.  When I came home midday, we had lunch and I helped Marlon work on a craft he got for Christmas a year ago.  Slow going.  He's not terribly motivated to overcome challenges or work through things.  Or even to learn how things work.  I know darn well where he gets that trait from.  Frustrating to see in myself and my kids.  I managed to get him to go for a walk with me this afternoon.  That was frustrating too, because he was resisting going any distance.  Just one of those days!  We all have them. The day ended on a good note. Marlon and I played connect 4.  A fun game to play because losses and wins are balanced.

January 22, 2021

Day before yesterday, Marlon wanted me to buy him something blueberry pastry-ish for breakfast.  I didn't but instead made blueberry muffins.  Too much moisture and blueberries so they were a little off but still tasty.  He decided today we would make blueberry cookies since the best part was the topping.  Marlon called the dough cement but amazingly they turned out pretty good. This evening, the five of us played cards.  Six if you include Mojo but he was just there for the lap.  Sitting in such a way that he looked every bit as fat as Marlon portrayed him in yesterday's drawing  Right now he is enjoying my lap as I sit and write this.  Marlon felt much better this evening. There are so many variables to keep in mind to help him feel well.  Sometimes it works.

Vienna 1977-78

I believe it was the day that Elvis Presley died that I was flying across the Atlantic, with a big tag around my neck with two letters on it, UA.  Unaccompanied Minor.  I had just turned 11 the month before.  The stewardesses were all nice to me.  I am guessing Franz, Lisl, and Franzi met me at the airport.  Straight off, we were going to Tulnerbach, and I felt a sense of excitement, wondering what this place was, and what we would do.  We made a stop along the way and Onkel Franz and Franzi went into the store while Tante Lisl and I stayed by the Volkswagen van.  She smoked a lot.  Right after her cigarette, she would pop a mint in her mouth.  I don't remember her being friendly or even really making an effort.  I didn't speak German and they didn't speak much English.  Little did I realize Tulnerbach was the 'cottage' and we would spend a lot of time there.  A big, cold, dark building of which we only used about 3 rooms.  I think there was an upstairs but I don

January 21, 2021

Marlon was happy to tell me later in the morning, 'I have a new drawing for you'. I looked in his book and didn't see a new one.  The clown and a scribble.  He screeched, ' I drew that today!', over and over and over again.  He thought for sure he drew the clown this morning.  I showed him the date on last night's picture but still, he couldn't believe he didn't draw it this morning.  Funny how we get something in our mind and lose a sense of time.   Before bed last night, I saw an email that got my mind rolling.  Moira was asking my thoughts of my time in Vienna (33 years ago).  I was surprised how many I had.  Unfortunately, this meant I didn't sleep too well.  Today while Marlon was on the computer I wrote out those thoughts.  Nothing terribly interesting but I did post my writing of that time on my blog. In the afternoon Marlon and I walked to the mailbox and I tried to get him to walk more with me but he insisted on going back.  I had a nice wal

January 20, 2021

At least Marlon went outside a couple of times today.  I went to Guelph in the morning and was back by 1pm to help him log on to an online class he was registered for.  After the class, he was in a pretty good space but had a run-in with friends on minecraft where he felt bullied.  He got off, cried, and then went back on and played some more.  I sometimes wonder if he brags a bit too much which can aggravate others and they want to put him in his place.  Who knows about the dynamics. He was feeling better this evening than he has been the last few.  It is better if he doesn't get himself too worked up. I laughed when I saw this picture.

January 19, 2021

When I saw the weather this morning, I was glad we didn't have to be driving in it, but could just enjoy it.  Quite beautiful. A good day to be at home.  I am ashamed to say Marlon didn't go outside at all.  I didn't push it at first as I was clearing out some old papers and he was zoned out in his book.  After lunch and school work, I was getting him to come outside and he noticed friends were online and playing Minecraft… I looked at Marlon today and thought he looked different.  Not sure what it is.  He hasn't gotten any taller, maybe his face has filled out, maybe it is changing, maybe he is tired, or maybe I am just tired and seeing things.  I am not the best at recognizing faces so could be anything.

January 18, 2021

Before we left the hospital on Saturday, we were told to come back this Tuesday. I asked why, saying that last time we didn't have to come in the week between.  I was told it was because the doctor was in clinic.  This evening, when I remembered with a start that we were supposed to go in the morning, I emailed Marlon's nurse and told her we had been told to come in the morning.  She emailed me back to say it wasn't necessary.  A relief.  I know Marlon's blood counts are fine, and there is no reason for him to be seen by the doctor.  Glad to have the week away. The day we were leaving the hospital, Marlon had asked for a donut but didn't get one, partially because he didn't feel up for it.  Today he asked for one, so being the dutiful mom I am, I went and picked up a donut.  This past week, I have been to everyone's favourite coffee/donut shop more than I have in the past 10 years.  Not a place I normally frequent.  As it turned out, he wasn't able to ea