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Robin Hood and present day outlaws

Talking with someone today about an illegal product I was again reminded of how we are in a way like Robin Hood and his followers. While he was going against the 'rules of the day' he was a religious man doing what he felt was right. Those in power were ruling over most of the people of the time in an unjust way. Those in power were in control and were leaving little for the common folk to nourish themselves and live with. Unfortunately times are similar to that now. There are those in control – the government, the pharmaceuticals and other super corporations that yield power through the almighty dollar (or Euro or other currency). Those of us that are common folk that may or may not have money are losing more power over our personal choices as the days go by. It is not news that raw milk is illegal is most parts of North America. Supplements are constantly being threatened and food sources are becoming more contaminated by 'terminator seeds', gmo's, p