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January 11, 2022

On Christmas Day, we were stacking wood on the steps.  My legs and back were sore and I was slow-moving.  I rested and felt better.  Two weeks later, again we were moving wood to the steps and I exclaimed to Paco how happy I was that my body was moving much more freely.  A minute later, I picked up a piece of wood, felt a twinge, and thought I'd better be careful.  But it was too late and I was hobbling and hurting.  Several days later and I am still walking and moving with care and pain.  Argh. Marlon and I were at the hospital Monday, not for treatment but to get his counts checked (fine) and refill prescriptions.  We sat and waited for the results of blood counts and after sitting for a while I could barely move, I definitely couldn't stand up straight.  After waiting one hour for results, we waited another two for his medication.  During that time, Marlon stayed in the car listening to podcasts while I paced slowly so as not to seize up again. A lot of waiting. My sister to

January 9, 2022

Having been off work for a couple of weeks for a variety of reasons, I slow down, maybe even sit or lie down more.  Last night, lying on the floor with the dog partially biting me, partially resting with me, I felt at peace.  And that peace is often not there when I am working.  I get caught up in one thing or another.  An injustice or even just a comparison and we can always come up short if we compare to others. I just finished a book called David and Goliath which speaks much of the underdog, of those who have withstood hardship to go on to do great things.  This hardship is often experiencing the death of a loved one or some sort of religious strife. And I think of our beliefs of right and wrong and how we hurt other people.  That baffles me and yet I know I have done it.  It can be as small as an insensitive statement or judging another.  And again I make the decision to strive to be understanding of differences and even hold my mouth in check.  If only I could learn to think befo

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!! New year 2021 we were at the hospital so I count us lucky we were able to wake in our own beds this morning. I was marveling the other day that the dog is more scared of vacuum cleaners than she is of chainsaws. Maybe I don't vacuum enough. We have had a quiet week here.   Josephine has been off work as well and the dogs have benefited from several good walks with both their moms.  Stella is very attached to Josephine but she accepts me if her primary person isn't there. Overall Marlon has been well but he has had times each day that he has been feeling poorly.  Variety. Please don't take my blanket away from me.  I did take it away to wash it and she was happy to have it returned.