January 9, 2022

Having been off work for a couple of weeks for a variety of reasons, I slow down, maybe even sit or lie down more.  Last night, lying on the floor with the dog partially biting me, partially resting with me, I felt at peace.  And that peace is often not there when I am working.  I get caught up in one thing or another.  An injustice or even just a comparison and we can always come up short if we compare to others.

I just finished a book called David and Goliath which speaks much of the underdog, of those who have withstood hardship to go on to do great things.  This hardship is often experiencing the death of a loved one or some sort of religious strife.

And I think of our beliefs of right and wrong and how we hurt other people.  That baffles me and yet I know I have done it.  It can be as small as an insensitive statement or judging another.  And again I make the decision to strive to be understanding of differences and even hold my mouth in check.  If only I could learn to think before I speak.

Marlon has been off for a couple of weeks.  Not sick but just not well either.  Nothing to be concerned about but another excuse to lay low and not aggravate his system while he is healing.

Mina has informed us, it is either her or the vacuum.  I have this image of her standing by the door with her bag packed or the stick with her belongings attached slung over her shoulder.  One of Marlon's chores has been vacuuming but when given the choice to go outside with the dog versus vacuum, well it gets him outside and relieves the dog's stress.

The other day after a quick hospital visit, we rushed home to get a walk in with the dogs before it got dark.


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