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Fun Skating

The other day the kids and I decided to take advantage of the free skating at the community rink. We just recently found the kids some skates at my sister’s place so we were all set. I was under the impression the skating was in the morning but was wrong and we had to wait until after lunch. Another one of those long waits with PM regularly asking WHEN… I was wondering if this would be one of those experiences where he is so anxious to do it and then when the time comes it doesn’t work for him. We made it to the rink and got our skates on among the crowds of others there to enjoy some skating as well. The kids were pretty steady on their skates and we all walked towards the ice. LB stepped onto the ice, her feet went out from underneath her, she started to cry, and decided that was enough for her. She would wait on land while PM and I did a few rounds. Ya don’t really realize how hard it is to stand on skates when you finally have it down – kind of like riding a

Mojo gets fixed

Last week Mojo had a trip to the vet to get fixed. Though still not quite 5 months he is growing quickly and we do not want him to get into trouble with his sister. Luckily for the boys it is a day in and out operation. When we picked him up in the evening he looked so drugged the poor guy. By the time we got him home he was much more alive and then was going and going for hours afterwards. Star meanwhile was crashed by the time Mojo came home. She had spent the day awake and stressed and harassing Thomas. I guess she wanted Thomas to go get Mojo for her and the kids and I were off elsewhere. It took her longer to recuperate from Mojo’s operation than it did him. She does tend to be the more sensitive and fearful one. So now all is back to normal and Mojo’s nails are growing back (poor guy – they clipped his nails as well so he can’t climb trees and has lost much of his ‘grip’). In another month or so Star will have her turn. And again I have no doubt it will

It’s going to be a long 24 hours

When I was a kid Halloween day seemed to be a looong day. I wondered if darkness would ever come so we could go outside for trick-or-treating. Since that time I have wondered why it was so difficult. The days fly by and from lunch until dark it seems like a few minutes. OK – life as seen by an adult with many years behind her. I am reminded of this big-time as the days have seemed to be crawling by at a snail’s pace for PM as he anticipates Christmas. Yesterday as he was bouncing off the walls I figured it was going to be a loooonnnngggg 24 hours. And yes it was. Sometimes he was ok but a lot of the time it was non-stop talking about the gifts, talking about what he was going to do, planning how things were going to be and of course asking how much longer till dark and till dinner. Somehow it seems anticlimactic. That excitement that has been growing for well over a month and the big dinner and the presents and mess and then it is over – well sort of, as there are

I am soooo…

The other morning as we were waking up, PM said to me “Mom…” (as kids have a tendency to do many times a day – often without anything to say in response) and I respond with a “Yes”. He says “I am so…, so…, so…, so…,” (by this time I am wondering what is coming if anything) “so…, sooo excited about Christmas!”. The days get closer to that magical date. He is preparing and we have had a bit of a family Christmas in Toronto. The kids enjoyed their time and got some nice gifts as well but it isn’t/wasn’t about the gifts. But at the same time it is the gifts and the anticipation that is a big part of it. Many years ago I stopped doing much about Christmas because I didn’t like how it was about the presents. Many times the kids didn’t even really care what it was they were receiving – they just wanted more. I appreciated and valued the time spent with others. Now I see it with my kids – that desire for gifts – any gifts. And I am not as closed and judgmental towa

Cats and life and kids

The cats seem to be fitting in quite well in the household. And PM does have a way with them as well. Though he can be rough and overbearing with the cats, they do like to be near him and play with him. I have noticed it is best when the kids are playing their own thing and not intent on doing something to the cats. Then it is likely the cats will play along side them. Same as when we are outside. Mojo is often right there and running with the kids. If PM has a project he is working on and LB is there watching or assisting then it is likely Mojo is nearby. Star may or may not be. I was surprised the other day when it was pouring with rain and the kids were outside playing and when they came in the soaking wet cats came in with them as well – I didn’t think cats hang out in the rain! Star likes to run with me or to jump out at me. Many a time I will run along and she will come charging across the grass and jump towards me. One time she got me in an ambush.