Mojo gets fixed

Last week Mojo had a trip to the vet to get fixed. Though still not quite 5 months he is growing quickly and we do not want him to get into trouble with his sister. Luckily for the boys it is a day in and out operation. When we picked him up in the evening he looked so drugged the poor guy. By the time we got him home he was much more alive and then was going and going for hours afterwards.

Star meanwhile was crashed by the time Mojo came home. She had spent the day awake and stressed and harassing Thomas. I guess she wanted Thomas to go get Mojo for her and the kids and I were off elsewhere. It took her longer to recuperate from Mojo’s operation than it did him. She does tend to be the more sensitive and fearful one.

So now all is back to normal and Mojo’s nails are growing back (poor guy – they clipped his nails as well so he can’t climb trees and has lost much of his ‘grip’). In another month or so Star will have her turn. And again I have no doubt it will be harder on her than it is on him but she will be allowed to keep her claws. Such is life I suppose.


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