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Mutual Wants and Needs

Back when Paco was born I had such high ideals. Cotton only, wood or natural toys only – no plastic, organic food only – no sugar or chemicals, and the list goes on. Then comes along those feelings of love for the child. What is important to the child becomes important to me. What he wants, I want or I want to get for him. Both Thomas and I have probably bought more for Paco than we intended. I remember a time where it seemed every time Paco and Thomas went into the farmer’s market together Paco came out with something else. “He wouldn’t let go of it!” More often than not if Paco latched onto a toy and wouldn’t let go it would be well played with. When Thomas bought his first Lego I was shocked at how much he spent and what he got him. Again, this was something that Paco decided he wanted and wouldn’t take substitutions. Turns out it was well worth every penny put into it and received hours of playtime. Though Paco likes his trucks and vehicles (

Grocery vs. Health Food Stores

Grocery vs. health food store I wonder if perhaps I am just a snob. But no, there is more to it. I tend to mostly shop at health food stores. I buy organic for the most part. At the grocery store I will buy the occasional bit of fruit (mostly pineapples and avocados) and toiletries – vinegar for washing, toilet paper and tissue paper. Then again if it’s cheaper at the pharmacy I will buy there. Now with the coupons from Canadian tire and Sobey’s I am attempting to buy more from Sobey’s because you have to spend at least $30 in order to be able to use the coupons. Though I spend close to $200 a week in food I have a hard time figuring out how to get the bill up to $30 at a grocery store. Who would I rather support? Health food stores mostly have people that care about their environment, less packaging (though definitely not always), more organics, more contact with the farmers. Grocery stores are the large corporations that rule the fo

November and December previous entries

November 25, 2005 We’ve been here over 3 years and there are many a time when I am still in awe of the beauty of this place. This morning as I was cleaning off the car to go to the market the snow was falling in those big fluffy flakes – the ones that look like Christmas snow, except the stuff that is fake. This was real and the cedar branches are thick with fluffy snow. The trees, the snow, the sun – all crisp and fresh and beautiful. Later on while out with the kids I still marvel at the beauty of the day. The water flowing by in the stream with the occasional blobs of snow that fall in and create ripples. The cedar trees that form a tent over the stream with the fresh green and white. The winter is still fresh – the snow is new and hasn’t been rained upon and packed down or mixed with the slush and dirt of the road. Paco loves the shoveling. He is so excited when th

My bloggin journey begins

A journey - sometimes seemingly a long one that is just going around in circles. These circles don't feel like a spiral where I am going up or down but just circles like a dog chasing my tail. Other days I can see there is a progression. Perhaps I feel a sense of connection with the kids or myself. Maybe just a faith that it is happening for a reason (whatever that 'it' is). Short and sweet for now...