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Menstrual Musing

Emotions are more strung at this time. The third time now since the conception of Linsy almost 3 years ago. The yearning to procreate that comes with the ability. The desire to conceive one more time is strongest during ovulation and the sadness of failure then comes with the blood. Somehow the blessings of being feminine and having the capacity to bleed on a monthly cycle are left in the dust when the desire to be pregnant is not fulfilled. In earlier years this was not a time to slow me down. I bought into the messages that life goes on regardless of what time of the month it is. No change in pace. Now it is not so easy. My body is saying slow down. Take it easy. Take a break. My moods are more fragile. My temper is easier to set off. The children are the same as ever and they don’t take a break. Life goes on as normal but my body is asking for less. Energy levels are lower. Even something as simple as being on my feet can be more draining.

Another rainy day

January 29, 2006 We had an interesting morning. Nothing special, just a bit different than usual. Paco decided his breakfast didn’t work for him so we went back to the kitchen to get him something different. I decided to use his ‘old’ breakfast in cookies. Had a bowl of egg whites on the counter and somehow Paco managed to put his hand in the bowl and in the process knocked it on the floor. His hand is covered in egg and there’s egg white gooped on the floor and more slopping down from the counter. What does Paco do but start to shake his hand wildly to get the egg off. Stop!! So not only is there egg on counter and floor but Paco is shaking it all over the kitchen. Arghhh! (Yes this is a common feeling/word in parenting.) So the kids eat breakfast while we make cookies. Paco figures he needs to use his hands to shape the cookies on the tray (at least he understands to wash his han

Toe Jam

I get a kick out of watching Linsy inspect between her toes. She doesn't like to wear clothes and that includes socks. I have, however, explained to her that if she wants toe jam she has to wear socks. Sometimes she will acquiesce to wearing them but then takes them off within minutes to inspect between her toes. I guess it's partially an age thing. I remember when Paco was just under 2 and realized that he could find treasures in his nose. For a while it was a regular thing (especially when he had a cold) and then it loses its novelty and on to other habits. The things we do...

Tidbits of the two kids

January 9, 2006 A while back I was trying to remember examples of Linsy’s 3 word sentences. Couldn’t. It didn’t take long for me to remember the main sentence these days. I will ask Linsy if she wants to do something (bring this to dad? Go put this in the living room?) and she will look me square in the face and say ‘No, you do it’. Very clear, succinct and direct. OK – I will do it myself. Now if only I had that option when it came to getting her to pee on the potty. The holiday season was exciting – mostly for Paco as he understands more about what is going on. Best of all is of course the presents. Luckily we don’t get inundated with gifts (as long as I don’t start buying too many things) but we have so much stuff to start off with. Paco got a road grader which has been zooming all around outside clearing a path, getting stuck in snow and keeping Pac