Another rainy day

January 29, 2006

We had an interesting morning. Nothing special, just a bit different than usual. Paco decided his breakfast didn’t work for him so we went back to the kitchen to get him something different. I decided to use his ‘old’ breakfast in cookies. Had a bowl of egg whites on the counter and somehow Paco managed to put his hand in the bowl and in the process knocked it on the floor. His hand is covered in egg and there’s egg white gooped on the floor and more slopping down from the counter. What does Paco do but start to shake his hand wildly to get the egg off. Stop!! So not only is there egg on counter and floor but Paco is shaking it all over the kitchen. Arghhh! (Yes this is a common feeling/word in parenting.)

So the kids eat breakfast while we make cookies. Paco figures he needs to use his hands to shape the cookies on the tray (at least he understands to wash his hands first). The tray is full of cookies shaped by hand and Paco’s hands are full of dough. What does he do when he’s done? Why shake his hands of course. Stop!! Now there’s dough on the wall, on the counters, on the cupboards. Will they ever learn? Luckily I was not jumping out of my skin as I have been known to and was patient with the extra mess. I kinda like baking but more like it was this morning – just throwing ingredients together and seeing what the result is.

A rainy day today so our ‘play time’ is in the basement instead of outdoors. For those that have finished basements it probably seems quite natural to spend time there. In this house the basement is unfinished. Pretty scruffy looking with a low ceiling (if I’m standing upright I will hit my head) in some places due to heating pipes (not the right word but I was thinking heating plumbing and know they don’t go together either). We have the rebounder down there and the stroller attachment for the car seat which has only been used by the kids for play since I bought it and whatever else they find to play with. Boxes for ‘snacking’ on (the kids will grab ‘bites’ of them and offer me mouthfuls to which I am expected to make appropriate eating and appreciation noises), space to run around, nice hard concrete floor to fall on (not that comfy for running on either), step ladder to climb on and whatever other tools they decide to bring down. Paco likes to be the garbage man and leave bits of garbage lying around which he will come by with the garbage truck (stroller) to pick up.

Being inside means we didn’t get to the ‘bee-ode’ (Linsy term for field) where there is a row of cedar trees with a path/walkway in the middle. There is also a pit there. They enjoy that space in their home (between the trees) with their tools (whatever they can find) and then go to work in the pit. The calmer winter weather (if you call it winter) has been a real treat because it is comfortable to hang out outside for a while rather than freezing uncomfortably.

Some days there is a flow to the day and we get along well even it there are tantrums and the usual dose of ‘NO’. Other days I question my sanity, end up raising my voice too much, feel worn out and like the world’s worst mother by the end of the day. Luckily today was the former. There are times where it changes from one minute to the next as well. And the crazy thing is I would do it over again if given the choice.


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