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February 13, 2022

Has it really been a month since I have written?!  I have done a lot of writing in my head just never completing that extra step. It has not been the best of months.  Marlon's energy has been low, he's had a lot of nausea, and just not feeling 100%.  The hospital delayed his lumbar puncture which was originally scheduled for January. He had a week of headaches so when we got to the hospital last Tuesday, the 8th, I asked the doctor if it could be delayed again.  She checked him over, decided he was fine, and they would go ahead. Driving home from the hospital, Marlon was somewhat of a zombie.  When we got home, he needed help to get inside and then his headache went from bad to unbearable.  He was crying, saying it was the worst pain he's ever experienced.  It was a stressful evening and eventually the headache settled into a migraine.  He couldn't take any pills, food, and only drank a few sips but all he had eaten during the day came up anyway. By Wednesday, the heada