Menstrual Musing

Emotions are more strung at this time. The third time now since the conception of Linsy almost 3 years ago. The yearning to procreate that comes with the ability. The desire to conceive one more time is strongest during ovulation and the sadness of failure then comes with the blood. Somehow the blessings of being feminine and having the capacity to bleed on a monthly cycle are left in the dust when the desire to be pregnant is not fulfilled.

In earlier years this was not a time to slow me down. I bought into the messages that life goes on regardless of what time of the month it is. No change in pace. Now it is not so easy. My body is saying slow down. Take it easy. Take a break. My moods are more fragile. My temper is easier to set off. The children are the same as ever and they don’t take a break. Life goes on as normal but my body is asking for less. Energy levels are lower. Even something as simple as being on my feet can be more draining.

This is new to me to be so strongly affected by my cycles and yet a pleasure to be in touch with my body. It awakens in me the desire to honour myself in even more ways. To really listen to who I am and what is right for me. To find the way to meet my needs while meeting the needs of those around me.

It is possible (heck didn’t I just post about that a short while ago) and it is part of the journey.


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