Cats and life and kids

The cats seem to be fitting in quite well in the household. And PM does have a way with them as well. Though he can be rough and overbearing with the cats, they do like to be near him and play with him. I have noticed it is best when the kids are playing their own thing and not intent on doing something to the cats. Then it is likely the cats will play along side them.

Same as when we are outside. Mojo is often right there and running with the kids. If PM has a project he is working on and LB is there watching or assisting then it is likely Mojo is nearby. Star may or may not be. I was surprised the other day when it was pouring with rain and the kids were outside playing and when they came in the soaking wet cats came in with them as well – I didn’t think cats hang out in the rain!

Star likes to run with me or to jump out at me. Many a time I will run along and she will come charging across the grass and jump towards me. One time she got me in an ambush. She jumped out from the bushes and came at me in a vertical jump with her front paws outstretched. Ah! Once the momentary shock of attack wore off I was laughing quite a bit. She has a way of coming at me in fun.

Right now Star is asleep in my lap and this hasn’t happened in a while. Lately they have been sleeping mostly in Thomas’ office in a box with some pieces of wood in it. Sure doesn’t look like the most comfortable place to sleep but it is definitely their favourite. I’m sure there are many reasons for this but one is that it is the warmest room in the winter months. Also Thomas will protect the cats from the kids if they want rest and they appreciate being close to Thomas and having people nearby.

I was also thinking that the kids are relatively understanding if the kittens take something apart that isn’t theirs to take apart. This evening after the kids were in bed, Mojo jumped up and pulled PM’s special party bag down and broke it. I said that PM won’t be too happy about that but, though he may moan a bit; he will find another way to hang up the bag and will go on without much complaining. I guess PM is pretty good that way – he just makes do with whatever is thrown at him. As I’m writing this I am wondering what I’m talking about as he can also get so freaked out by simple things – I suppose he embraces flexibility and also rigidity of structure. He’s human.

Wha’dya know? So am I! It is a constant process to forgive myself for not being the perfect parent that I aspire to be. And a growing that allows me to be more compassionate and more understanding and more patient. I too, tend to bop around in the extremes and can seem to be rigidly holding on at times and then the opposite at others.

Ah well at this point this house is inhabited by 4 humans that continue to grow and learn and change and 2 felines that sleep and eat and play and cuddle and various other uninvited ‘guests’ such as spiders and mice and ‘stink bugs’ and whatever else we don’t know about. And we manage to cohabitate sometimes in a peaceful way and others with stress and upset and then back to a peaceful time again…


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