I am soooo…

The other morning as we were waking up, PM said to me “Mom…” (as kids have a tendency to do many times a day – often without anything to say in response) and I respond with a “Yes”. He says “I am so…, so…, so…, so…,” (by this time I am wondering what is coming if anything) “so…, sooo excited about Christmas!”.

The days get closer to that magical date. He is preparing and we have had a bit of a family Christmas in Toronto. The kids enjoyed their time and got some nice gifts as well but it isn’t/wasn’t about the gifts. But at the same time it is the gifts and the anticipation that is a big part of it.

Many years ago I stopped doing much about Christmas because I didn’t like how it was about the presents. Many times the kids didn’t even really care what it was they were receiving – they just wanted more. I appreciated and valued the time spent with others.

Now I see it with my kids – that desire for gifts – any gifts. And I am not as closed and judgmental towards it (how many times does that happen? You see something pre-kids and then experience it in a new way with kids). I do like to temper it and at the same time their excitement and joy and anticipation is catching and fun to be around. I don’t like the idea of getting gifts just for the sake of getting gifts but there is something to be said for the novel and practical gifts that excite and that the kids really appreciate.

I notice so many times that places where I am rigid in my beliefs are changed and challenged. Those things I am judgmental about come into my life to change my views. Those beliefs that are one-sided and closed are pushed around until I see the other side and appreciate the variety of humans and the way things work.

So the kids get more excited about Christmas and Santa Claus and decorating and being with others and giving and receiving. Hey it’s not so bad…


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