Fun Skating

The other day the kids and I decided to take advantage of the free skating at the community rink. We just recently found the kids some skates at my sister’s place so we were all set. I was under the impression the skating was in the morning but was wrong and we had to wait until after lunch. Another one of those long waits with PM regularly asking WHEN…

I was wondering if this would be one of those experiences where he is so anxious to do it and then when the time comes it doesn’t work for him.

We made it to the rink and got our skates on among the crowds of others there to enjoy some skating as well. The kids were pretty steady on their skates and we all walked towards the ice. LB stepped onto the ice, her feet went out from underneath her, she started to cry, and decided that was enough for her. She would wait on land while PM and I did a few rounds.

Ya don’t really realize how hard it is to stand on skates when you finally have it down – kind of like riding a bicycle I guess. PM spend more time on his knees and butt than he did his feet. He was hanging off me but still couldn’t stand up. Feet flying every which way.

We did a round and a half when I realized there was a little rink next door meant for those just starting out – much better for us to be there. PM walked over and I skated around to retrieve LB. She did another step on the ice when we got the kiddy rink but then decided she would sit and watch. By this time PM was getting the hang of walking/running on skates and was falling much less often. He was doing better when he wasn’t hanging on to me. He was having fun and kept trying and has said he wants to go back regularly so he can learn to skate.

We were leaving and I had LB on the ice for a few feet and then we walked back to our shoes. She’s whining saying that she wants to skate now. OK, we walk back to the rink so she can have a turn. She goes a few feet on her skates and decides that is enough. I think she’ll get there eventually. She watches and takes it in and when she’s ready she will participate…


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