She's not gonna do it

I mentioned a bit about Linsy and gymnastics. Well I figured that even though she said she wasn't going to participate that once she got there she would just jump right in. Think again Shera. No way did she have any plans to join the class. I went in with her and she watched a bit but wanted to have nothing to do with them – well almost nothing. She said she'd do the beam. Sure enough when they were on the beam we went in the gym, she did a couple of walks on the beam and then walked right out again.

I am very disappointed that it isn't working out for her. She has enjoyed gymnastics so much. It was also nice that it is something that she and Paco were doing together. They often had fun recreating gym classes at home. I guess home is the only place she will be doing it anymore.

At first I was upset with Linsy. I didn't understand why she was being so adamant about not being in the class. That has faded and now I am just upset that she is missing out on the opportunity. Not upset with her – just upset with the situation...


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