Lots of activities

Well, talk about busy. I seem to do this to myself. Some of this I think is my desire not to miss anything. Wanting to be a part of things (and yet I seem to do quite well on just staying on the outside). I see programs or classes and think the kids might be interested and sign us up for all sorts of things.

Right now I put them in swimming lessons on Mondays. Paco is the oldest in his group (not uncommon for him) as he is pretty far away from swimming. Linsy is in the same group but so far for the first class she was quite happy to completely ignore the instructor. As long as I was close by she just enjoyed being in the water and bouncing around, purposefully keeping out of the class dynamics. So we'll see how things progress for both of them.

One reason I put Paco specifically in swimming is because he has carefully evaded any attempts to help him integrate more into the water and get into swimming. Feels kind of sad considering I am geared towards homeschooling and I feel the need to put my child in outside lessons in order for him to learn something. Well I suppose nothing is set in stone and more and more I really see the truth in that. Things are always changing.

On Tuesdays Paco is currently enrolled in an art class. He's not what I would consider artistic but the theme is medieval and I keep hoping he will take after his dad more in this (and in many areas). His dad is artistic and talented in sooo many things.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings Paco has Jujitsu. I am surprised how much he really enjoys this. He looks more like a 'fragile' dancer than a martial arts person as he practices the movements with the rest of the class. I guess the aspect of learning how to fight is very appealing to him. He has been going for a few weeks now and is very keen to go as much as possible (not always able to make 3 classes a week) so we shall see how this continues.

Finally the kids both take gymnastics on Fridays. They both really enjoyed the last semester of it in the spring. So far it is pretty good though there is a new coach and she is not as enthusiastic and engaging as the other one was. She's more laid back and less likely to gently push the kids or even to always be there to assist them. To her credit this is a fairly large class.

The last class there was a little mishap and I am hoping Linsy is willing to look beyond it. The kids sit in front of the trampoline and each have a turn on it. The coach asked if all of the kids had their turn and one little one spoke up that he hadn't. Linsy didn't speak up and the class moved onto the next activity. Linsy was very distraught. Those emotional tears, that sobbing and the real heartbreaking emotion that she was experiencing. She hadn't had a turn on the trampoline. I went in and explained to the coach what had happened and she was apologetic and Linsy had her turn. But she couldn't stop crying.

So Linsy came out with me for a bit and I gently coaxed her back into the classroom. It took quite a while before she would consider participating again and even then I had to be there (parents are not supposed to be in the gym during the classes – observation room only). The coach did come again after the class to apologize to Linsy and explain why she missed her. Linsy is not impressed.

Yesterday I was saying that gymnastics is coming up and Linsy said she is not doing gymnastics anymore. The coach missed her on the trampoline and Linsy is not going to forget it (or forgive apparently). I guess we will see what happens on Friday.

On top of this I have had a few small jobs – one as a program representative at a Home Depot, talking with people about energy saving things they can do in and around their home. A full weekend of work there. I also am doing occasional work as a school crossing guard.

Whew! Just when I think things may calm down a bit (lots of food preparation going on in the summer for the winter months), I create more and more busy-ness in my life. Something there to pay attention to.


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