A year with our cats

Today we celebrate a year that we have had the cats only there is a mourning that is happening as well. It appears that now we only have one.

We haven't seen Star, the female cat, since Wednesday night. The cats like to be out during the night and she didn't come in on Thursday morning. We have walked and called and whistled and looked anywhere we can think of but have not seen any sign of her.

We are thinking perhaps an eagle or a hawk thought she looked mighty tasty.

She was the kids' favourite cat. She really gave meaning to the word 'scaredycat'. When she wanted to go outside she would make sure she stayed as far away from you as possible. She would go out of her way to not meet up with you in the hallway. Sort of a furtive feel to many of her movements.

Last night as Paco was getting himself ready for sleep he was singing a song. Sometimes he sings to comfort himself. 'Star is dead. Starly is dead. But we still know her.' There was more to it but I don't remember the words. It is really sad but I feel more sadness for the kids and for Mojo. His sister and main companion is no longer around. Good thing he is a people cat and enjoys our company as well. Actually I'm sure he would appreciate less harassment from the kids! They sure pick on the poor guy.

I think that is one reason why I don't feel quite as sad at Star's passing. The kids have been insulting Mojo and picking on him in so many ways and the glorifying Star. My instinctive response to this is to put more attention and appreciation towards 'the underdog', Mojo. Also I have shed many a tear for how unfair this teasing is and wondering why it is happening.

So we say goodbye to Star or Starly or Purr or Purrly as she has been called...


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