Do they ever learn?

A while ago Linsy came up to me and asked me to look at her ear. OK looks fine. What's up? Well it turns out that inside there is a little bead – an almost translucent little bead. Yikes! Ya don't put things in your ears. I thought she understood that.

Well further inspection did allow us to see the bead but that is about it. No going in there after it. So a trip to the walk-in clinic in Georgetown, more than an hour wait and seconds later the bead is out. Whew!

She was quite brave throughout the procedure and I am glad it was Linsy rather than Paco – he never would have been able to tolerate such a thing. He was deathly afraid of small offices, doctors and any kind of invasive touch at her age.

Well we sure discussed about what goes in our orifices!

Last week Paco and Linsy came running inside and Paco took a tissue and started wiping at her nose. Well it turns out she had stuck a pea up there!

I don't suppose I was the most balanced with this. I was feeling quite stressed with too many things to do and the thought of taking a few hours out of the day for another trip to the doctors was not at all appealing.

We tried tweezers – the pea was too hard. We asked her to blow but she only sniffed. So I tried suctioning it out – with my mouth. It may have budged but not enough. I had resigned myself to another trip to the doctors office when Thomas suggested another way of blowing it out. He had been looking it up on line and so I plugged the nostril without the pea and blew in her mouth. Took a few tries but the pea did come popping out.

This incident was a bit more traumatic for her – we tried more things and both of us (Thomas and I) were holding her and working together.

I sure hope she has it by now and I'm grateful that there was no real harm done...


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