June 5, 2022

Overall, Marlon is much better.  While he had an elevated temperature yesterday for a while, he has had no more fevers.

Since his diagnosis, Marlon is more worried about his health.  Worried the cancer will come back.  A couple of times lately, his legs hurt.  The pain is such that even gentle touch makes it worse.  One day while I was at work, he messaged me to come home because he was scared.  His dad was there for him and I did not leave work.  I trust he is healed and hope he never has to deal with cancer again.  While we may wish he did not have to continue with chemo, I tell him he is safe from the cancer.

Last night, he did have an episode of very sore legs and knees.  It hurt to walk, and the pressure of rolling up his pants legs had him crying out in pain.  Along with the pain he had a blotchy, bright red rash.  No one had any idea what that was about and the pain has eased up but some rash is still there with one spot looking like a bruise.

During March and the beginning of April, especially while out on the walls for dogs, and seeing the rewritten of life after the winter, I was very aware of that time last year leading up to Marlon's longer hospitalization


He still hasn't physically recovered from that episode.  Having fever and possible infection again, Marlon's fear of that time is showing up more and he is scared for a repeat.  I remind him his body is much stronger now than it was last year.

All tests are coming back clear, and I am hopeful Marlon will be released on Monday.  He is still sleeping after 11 am but there are several interruptions in the night.

I am missing Mina while we are stuck in the hospital, and while I know she is being very well looked after at home, I am sure she misses us as well.


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