June 8, 2021

This morning, we had more tears about boredom.  Everything is boring.  The only thing he likes is listening or playing on devices.  He got over it and wrote a story, part II of Pickle Bob.  

He called this picture, The glorious, golden pickle, and the solved Rubik's Cube 

This afternoon, I decided I'd walk and run errands.  I knew there was a chance of rain but in my naive state, I thought it would start while I was near the end and maybe I'd ask for a ride home with my groceries.  First stop the library, and just as I picked up the book waiting for Marlon, the rain started. 

I waited under the overhang, figuring the downpour would stop soon.  I even turned down two offers of a drive. Eventually, I gave up waiting and got wet.  It was a little chilly walking in the rain.  By the time I got to the bank, I decided there was no way I was going into a cold grocery store so I walked home.  It was good to dry off.  

I thought this evening I'd take the recycling to the road and drive to the store.  It was too nice an evening to get in the car, so I walked the recycling to the road and the groceries will have to wait.

Marlon's highlight was a Minecraft update that he has been waiting for since last summer.  It was a disappointment and he kept saying it was 'underwhelming'.  Not as good as he had hoped for.


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