July 7, 2022

On May 23rd, the week before the chemo that weakened Marlon enough to put him in the hospital, the dog, the boy, and I drove to Montreal. (I am aware of the use of the word 'go' when writing. In German, the verb 'to go' means walking. You don't 'go' in a car.)
Before we left, as I was packing up the car, I noticed a fair sized spider web between the driver's side view mirror and the car. I left it alone, figuring the wind would blow it off.
It was so nice to see Linsy and Moira and spend time with them. I have missed having Linsy around. It was neat that, when we got there, Olivia, Jamey, and Roka, their dog, were there. They live 15 minutes away from us but were there visiting their son. Mina was definitely happy to see Roka (and all the others too).  
Mina got used to walking on sidewalks and being in the city. Other people and dogs, not so much. Moira has given me a belt with a dog lead on it for hands-free walking. It worked but was even better when I used the retractable leash as the dog's legs didn't get tangled in the lead. The last morning, Linsy Mina, and I were walking along in the rain, and I was marveling at how wonderful this belt was. Just at that moment Mina caught sight of something (probably a squirrel) and lunged forward. My waist was yanked and I crashed onto the ground. Mina came back to me, coughing from the sudden tug of the leash on her neck and my knees were scraped and sore for a few days.
Overall, it was a great couple of days, and we drove home on Friday.
I had been surprised one morning in Montreal to see the spider web on the car had been rebuilt. I was even more surprised when I went to the car after Marlon's hospital stay in Hamilton to see the web had been rebuilt again. A well travelled spider but I think I knocked it off.
Out for brunch in Montreal and Linsy lazing on a tree


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