September 20, 2022

At the hospital today, the doctor gave us a big surprise.

Marlon is done treatment!!!!

We thought we had until December and arrived today for an LP but when the doctor looked at his chart, he was surprised to note treatment is done.

No more chemo!!

We both cried when we got the news, actually, I was crying and laughing.  Marlon's eyes welled up with tears as the shock of it crept in.  When he could speak, he said 'Finally!'

While his everyday life has seemed almost normal with improved energy levels, the daily pills and monthly visits often left him feeling pretty bad.

Apparently, his counts will still be checked monthly so he's not done with the hospital yet.

Marlon was diagnosed with leukemia on August 31, 2020.  We were told treatment would be complete in December.  I have been counting down the months for the past couple.  Before today it was only four more hospital treatments with two Lumbar Punctures.

Over the past while Marlon has been learning to trust in his body and self again.  He has been doing more: a visit to Wonderland with cousins, joining an axe-throwing league, taking the bus by himself, and generally being willing to try new things.

Being eligible for Make-A-Wish, Marlon decided back in January that he wanted a new laptop and chair.  We started the ball rolling but the process took much longer than he had anticipated.  With his life looking more like a normal, healthy one, I thought it fitting that he received his wish this week. With today's news, it is even moreso.

And this would not be complete without a huge thank you.  We have received so much help on all levels, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and I/we are grateful for everything.

Marlon's big surprise.  He didn't know what this big package was.


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