June 4, 2022

I feel like I have some catching up to do but I will start with this week.
Tuesday, Marlon had his monthly chemo injection at the hospital to add to the daily chemo pills he still takes. He was commenting that it feels it is hitting him harder every month. By Thursday night, he was crying with leg pain and a bad headache. Friday, he didn't eat anything and had a raised temperature but not quite a fever. He woke in the night and was quite warm and when I checked his temperature was 39.9. Darn, a trip to the hospital.
By the time we got to the hospital, his temperature was down to 37.2 and then a bit later, 37, so I thought that for sure, they would check his blood and we would go home. I was hoping to be back home to go to work at 4. Then we were told, his platelets had dropped from 64 on Tuesday to 9 so he would need platelets. His neutrophils had been 1.1 on Tuesday and today they are 0.2. Without any reserves to fight infection which is what the fever indicates, he is getting antibiotics. In my head, while we were being told this, I was still calculating time with the hopes of making my shift. Then we were told he would be admitted for at least a couple of days.
Just the other day, I was telling him it has been over a year since we've had to stay in the hospital and a week ago, I was telling the nurse he hasn't had any fevers in as much time. Once again, my mouth gets me in trouble. Testing the fine balance and I was put in my place. If only I would learn to leave well enough alone and stop talking.
Marlon is feeling better than he has been the past couple of days, even without the platelets but he is pretty miserable to be stuck in the hospital.
It was a hard walk to the ward. Marlon said his emotions kind of shut down but I felt a strong resistance to be back on the oncology ward.
We hope the fever stays away so we don't have to stay too long.
Marlon was shocked at the length of the dandelions in the field.


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