June 28, 2022

Back at hospital for monthly injected chemo including LP.  After having been on half doses at home, his blood counts are good.  Amazing really, they haven't been this good in who knows how long.  Unfortunately, it won't last as they will up his doses at home.

Marlon desperately needs dental work done.  It is quite sad to see that every tooth needs some work done and some cavities are big and deep.  But it is hard to do the work while undergoing chemo.  After yesterday's dentist appointment we have renewed the discussion to see if it is possible to do the work now or if we have to wait until the new year when he is hopefully finished with treatment.  Poor guy, he has been having a rough go of it.

On the upside, last week he went on a Toronto day trip with friends.  At first, he wasn't sure about participating as he didn't think he could keep up.  Once he decided to give it a try, he was able to and enjoyed his day.  He was tired and a little sore after all the walking.  After seeing how much he has lost confidence in his physical abilities, I was happy he showed himself he can do it.  Since I worked in the afternoon, Paco joined along for the day to be there for Marlon.

First swim of the season


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