June 15, 2022

Happy to say Marlon is much better.  Tuesday again, and we were back at the hospital to get his blood counts checked and all is well.

Before his last LP (lumbar puncture) in April, Marlon was dreading it, and also curious.  After the previous LP, when he reacted so poorly, he was scared to have another but curious to have a coke, a drink he hadn't had before.  Apparently, the caffeine in the pop can help with the headache and it did.  We were both relieved that he was ok after the treatment.  He still felt his back and head but not the screaming kind of pain from before.  Next LP is June 28th and we are prepared with a different kind of caffeinated pop in the hopes it will work again.  While he has chemo hospital visits every month on top of the chemo pills he takes at home, we are grateful that the LP procedures are down to every three months.

The biggest issue of late is Charley horses.  Monday night he was up every two hours crying with the pain of his cramping legs.  We had him doing stretches before bed, and sprayed magnesium on his legs which we thought was helping but all those preparations did nothing.  Next night, he slept soundly through the night.  Phew!

An egret we saw fishing by the pond.  The dogs barked a lot but dared not chase it.


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