April 23, 2022

I have a bad habit of running into work in the last minute.  Actually these days (ever since having kids), I seem to be perpetually late.

Today, I left the house in good time and was happy to think I wouldn't be late.  Paco was outside working on the car and Mina was hanging out.  We joked about her following me.  I laughed and inhaled something.  I was biking down the road, coughing, trying to clear my breathing.  I glance behind me and do a double-take as I see a black figure running down the road behind me.  Yikes, Mina did follow me.  I phoned Paco, he drove down to pick her up (almost a kilometer from the house by the time I noticed her), I pedaled hard, and clocked in late for work.

I keep picturing Mina running down Churchill.  A pick-up truck even stopped to ask if we needed help as I stood on the side of the road, holding onto her, waiting for her ride back home.  Phew!

Overall, she has come a long way in terms of her health and strength.  Along our walk, there is a log we go over.  Late fall, she would scootch underneath.  Then when the snow blocked that path, she would take the long way to go around the tree.  Now she can just bound over it.

Marlon is doing pretty good though he still has nauseous days where he feels just plain icky all day.  Luckily they come and go.


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