December 4, 2021

Last Monday, we made a last-minute decision to go for a walk with friends.  Three siblings and their mom.  Mina was happy to trot along and loves the extra attention.  We even enjoyed having chickadees land on our hands as they picked sunflower seeds off them. 

Afterward, we left Mina with other friends in Guelph while Marlon and I went to the mall.  He has decided he wants a book on Greek mythology and, knowing how picky he is, I thought we'd better review our options.  They only had one big book but after reading it for a while, Marlon didn't have too many complaints and felt he was able to learn from it.  It will be a Christmas present.  Mina was ok being left with friends (even though she hasn't met them before) but was happy we came back to get her.

Tuesday was a double hospital day.  First hospital was to get Marlon's brace and second was to check Marlon's blood counts.  I worked in the evening and by the time we got back, I had a rush walk with Mina and Stella, made supper, and dashed off again.  A busy day.

The following day, we dropped Mina off at my sister Olivia's place and went shoe shopping. The hand-me-down shoes we had didn't fit with the brace.  Marlon found shoes and at the pet store, we found a light-up collar for Mina.  Back at Olivia's, Marlon met up with friends online while we went for a walk.

Mina likes meeting other people and dogs and when at home loves to go for walks with Stella.  Stella is strong and fast and Mina's fast gallop is not as fast as Stella's slow canter.  Not much hope of keeping up.

Though the colours aren't as vibrant, there is so much beauty and still more mushrooms.  It has been a mushroom year.


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