December 26, 2021

Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve, Josephine came with us on our walk.  Stella and Mina bounded along.  I looked behind me and saw a big blob of brown saying hi to Mina.  Turns out it was a dog walking nearby with his owner, a brown lab named Cooper.  At first, Mina was happy to say hi but Stella was fearful.  They walked with us and Stella and Cooper barked loudly and played rough with Stella bearing her teeth but eventually enjoying the play.  Mina was not ok with it.  She didn't want to walk, kept falling behind, with both Cooper's owner and myself taking turns carrying the pup.  I am wondering if maybe she meets Cooper on her own so she can see he is a nice dog.  I am guessing she saw and felt Stella's original fear.

We had another tower of presents this year.  The stacking was courtesy of Paco.  Lots of wrapping and big boxes but not really much stuff.

I did get a video of Mina opening her present.

It has been a pretty low-key Christmas and I missed not having Linsy here.

I have heard stories of coyotes and when I walk with Mina at night, I am more aware, listening for their sounds.  Last night, in the distance to the left I heard their cry and got a little nervous.  Seconds later, to our right, I heard some closer, perhaps in a nearby field.  I decided it was time for us to hightail it back home and was imagining Mina figuring it was playtime.  But no, she heard their call and was running in the direction of the house before I started moving.

Marlon threw up again tonight.  It has been a while but because it was late, I gave him all his pills together and that can aggravate.  Add to that, him being over-excited playing Minecraft at night and his food doesn't stay down.


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