December 16, 2021

Last Thursday, Marlon had an off day which he still gets ever so often so he didn't go to outdoor school.  He felt nauseous, weak, and low energy.

As it turned out, he spent most of Saturday feeling miserable and unable to keep anything down.  Add to that a big wind storm, a power outage, and he was not a happy camper. I was at work, he felt bad, it was dark, and he messaged me to leave work early.  I did not but shortly thereafter the power came back, he was able to have computer time, and started to feel better again.

Marlon had a hospital visit on Tuesday.  I had been asked to bring all his medication along and I was asked a couple of times why I would still have the Prednisone and I said it was from the time he didn't take it because of his fractured wrist.  After work that night, when I went to give him his pills, I realized the date on the Prednisone container was September 2020.  Duh!  When I went to give other nighttime pills, I couldn't find the container.  I looked high and low and was feeling frustrated with myself.  It took some back and forth but I was able to get the medication from a pharmacy in town.  Not the first time I have messed up with his medication.

I try to get Mina and Stella together for a walk most days.   They both enjoy their time together and Mina is bolder in her play.

Marlon doing his leg stretches with Mina supervising.  He has gotten several comments on his highlights.  All natural.  His hair grows slowly, sun-bleached in the summer, and it is likely the last of his blonde.  When I was 12, I was asked if I dyed my hair as my blonde hair became dark brown.


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