November 7, 2021

Our days have been pretty full which is a good thing.

Mina is getting stronger.  Sometimes she acts like the puppy she is and then is in recovery for a while.  Marlon is similar.  He runs out of steam faster than some.

Friday, my sister Olivia and her husband, Jamey, moved closer to us than they were before.  We stopped by that evening to deliver some blankets and today saw the place in daylight.  Seven people and three dogs had a nice walk around the property. Nearing the end of the walk, Marlon was feeling it.  Mina kept up but it was a lot for her as well.  

Louise, Marlon's hospital driver, lives close to Olivia's house so she and her husband Paul stopped by.  Nice to see her and my sister has met a neighbour.

Mina is happy in the cooler weather and had some nice white highlights from the snow the other day.

This morning, I was woken by Marlon calling 'bucket', so I ran and got him his container and he promptly threw up.  He threw up many more times over the next few hours and then was fine until this evening when he felt very nauseous again.  Even though treatment is milder than it was, he is still affected.


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