November 22, 2021

Marlon needed Wednesday to recover from Tuesday's hospital visit but since then he has been pretty good.  He hasn't thrown up since Tuesday morning and is relieved to not be dealing with constant nausea.

We went to the Santa Claus parade on Saturday and while Mina was just fine, I think she would have been just as happy to not be there.  I am happy that she likes people.  She picked a few favourites at the parade and if she felt nervous she would stand closer to them.

Sunday, I took her for a longer walk than we usually do and a little while later we joined Josephine and Stella for another walk.  I was happy Marlon came along and we went a route that he hasn't done since the spring when he needed help to get back.  It is nice to see the two dogs getting more comfortable around each other and playing.

Today, we went to my sister's place and walked with her and her dog.  Mina tries to keep up with the older dogs and while she is stronger and faster, she can't keep up with Stella or Roka.

I have heard a lot about coyotes and am feeling more nervous about going out with Mina at night.  I take her out before bed and we wander here and there but now I wonder…

Mina's paw.  When the puppies were very young and hadn't even been outside, we would admire their tiny paws and wonder if the pink parts would stay pink.  Mina has a mixture of pink and black.


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