November 2, 2021

I didn't cry as Linsy was leaving until I saw the dog's reaction.  Mina just sat by the door, long after Linsy had gone away in the car, looking sad and dejected.  I sat with her and cried.  And I continued weeping and crying throughout the day.  My tears well up even as I write this.

Part of my sadness was the dog and how she wanted to be with Linsy. I notice once again how my low self-esteem has me believe she would rather be with that one person than the four of us here.  I turned her bonding with Linsy into a rejection of myself.

It was nice to have Linsy here and she managed to spend time with each of her brothers individually, with friends, her boyfriend, and more.  I am sad to see her go again yet I think her life in Montreal is right for her at this time.

This afternoon, Marlon and I had a nice walk with Mina.  A path I haven't walked with Marlon in quite a while.  It was nice and the dog enjoyed it too.


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