November 17, 2021

Marlon was much better today than yesterday.  His head was ok but his back still achy and sore so he didn't do too much.

We regularly have some good laughs together.  The other day, he took a bowl of water and a handful of grapes, dipping each one individually in the water before eating.  I asked why he didn't wash them together at the sink.  He said something about the lazy way to do it.  At one point, he splashed some water and had to clean it up.  Later, as I was doing the dishes, I asked him to hand me the bowl.  He grabbed it and lifted, forgetting it was full and making a big splash and watery mess. We both had a good laugh and I think next time he will just wash the handful in the sink.

I was figuring out how many squares of chocolate we would need for a brownie recipe and I said we'd need 28; 4x8.  He gave me this incredulous look and we both laughed at my math error.

Mina likes to play chase, we chase her or she chases us with her teeth chomping, ready to bite.  It is a challenge to get her to stop biting.  Sometimes she will stop if we use the command 'stay' but is right back at it when we move again.  I was appreciating the snow and how it was so much easier to see her black body against the white when it was dark outside.  Not always easy to chase something you can't see, around the trees, around the wood pile, around the car,...  I am just grateful to see her strength and stamina be so much more than it was. Two sides of it: she is better and healthier and stronger and with it brings out more of the destructive puppy behaviours 

I appreciate our walks and the beauty of the shadows at night.  I am often surprised that the camera can even capture some if it


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