November 16, 2021

Hospital day today.  When we have to leave early, I get up at 430 to get ready.  This morning, I opened Mina's crate, she came out said 'good morning', had a cuddle, yawned loudly a few times, and walked back in her crate to sleep some more.  I agreed and wished I could crawl back into bed.

It was when we were leaving that she was ready to play and it was hard to walk away but apparently her day was fine.

The hospital appointment went well and afterward Marlon and I went to Guelph.  He dropped some cookies off at friends and they walked to the park and hung out for a bit.

This evening though was a very rough one.  The worst reaction he has had to a lumbar puncture.  His back was quite sore, his head hurt so bad he couldn't function or sleep and he was plain miserable.  Eventually, it eased up enough he could consider getting horizontal.

This picture was taken this morning before we left and we weren't surprised to see it lying down when we got home.

Mina is posing by another snowman hours before it was obliterated by Stella.  Perhaps, this creature posed a threat to our safety.


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