November 14, 2021

Both Marlon and Mina are better and stronger.

Marlon threw up several days in a row.  Either upon waking or in the evening or both.  After speaking with the nurse, once I finally got his anti-nausea pills, it seems he has acid reflux.  Apparently not uncommon, especially in the older kids.   Now that he is taking something for that, he is much better and not feeling nauseous so much.

Mina has not been thrilled by her food so we have been playing around with that.  The cat sure likes her food and when she is eating, he will come along, scare her away, and eat the dog's food.  Mina is quite scared of Mojo and the cat has lashed out at the dog a few times.  Just now, I was sitting on the floor with the dog nearby.  The cat came along, hissed and growled, and Mina climbed into my lap.

Overall, Mina is stronger and has more energy and is running, playing, and can make it up the front steps with more ease. 

The toy Marlon made for her.

While the cat likes to use the firewood as a scratching post, Mina enjoys shredding it and making a mess.


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