October 30, 2021

A group of us had a Halloween walk in Elora yesterday.  I wasn't sure how it would go with Mina and imagined I would end up having to carry her most of the way.  I was surprised that she happily trotted along with us.  She was a little nervous but was ok with people and traffic.  At home, she normally stays close by, without leash or collar, and hasn't walked too well when leashed up.

In the car, she is happy to rest on Marlon.

Linsy's friend came along for the walk as well and Linsy was happy to get the chance to catch up with her.

I'll need to keep a close eye on Linsy and Mina otherwise Linsy will head back to Montreal with the dog who will willingly follow her wherever.  In just a short time they have such a strong bond.  Mina adores Linsy.

It is nice to have Linsy around and I could easily get used to it again.  It is hard for Linsy though as she has the appeal of being back here and isn't sure where home is right now.  This home is a holiday and makes it that much more attractive and her time is full, spent with boyfriend, family, and friends.


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