October 3, 2021

Today would have been my mom's 93rd birthday.  A day to honour her and memories.  I have missed her support and feedback over the past year especially.

Marlon was eating Doritos and we started talking about the company that makes them and how big it is.  Reminded me of a sort of parent company family tree I saw many years ago about the few companies that own so many of the big names in food.  We couldn't find it but did find out that Monsanto owns so many big food companies.  It was shocking to see how much they control in the everyday food market and even in the natural one.

We said hi to Opalamina today.  Her birth family is happy to keep her, take good care of her, and I think they are as attached to her as she is to them.  She is extremely food motivated.  Marlon said that is because of the steroids but to be fair she had always been an eager eater even though she was skinny and small.  Now she is plumping up.

Grapes!  We cooked some up to see what the juice is like.  Not bad!


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