October 25, 2021

I got an email from Jason at Amazon saying the email I received was a mistake and I will get a refund.  I laughed and cried and raged.  All that stress, chaos, the many emails, the phone calls, and they claim it was a mistake.  That shows what can be accomplished when you raise a stink.  Let's just sweep this under that carpet…

Sometimes when Mina is eating, Mojo will come along, hiss and growl, and the dog will step away from her food.  She will go hide by me or leave the room.  The cat will start eating the dog's food.  I will often let him eat a little under the belief that if he can see a benefit to having the dog here, he may soften up (I know, wishful thinking).

This evening, Marlon and I were on the floor, playing cards, playing with Mina, and trying not to get bitten by her.  I noticed a different bump on her back.  As soon as I felt it, alarm bells went off.  We looked and weren't sure.  Brought Mina to Thomas to look at with his magnifying glass.  It wasn't until Marlon brought his microscope along and he saw moving legs that my fear was confirmed.  Poor Mina was being held down while we poked and prodded.  At first, she struggled and then just hung out on my lap.  The cat came into the room to see what all the commotion was about, got within inches of Mina, and started hissing at her.  Not playing fair.  She couldn't escape.  We removed the cat from the room and the tick from Mina's skin.

Though it was bedtime, Marlon had some distraction time on the phone to help to clear his head of the disturbing images of the bug.  I don't do well with ticks and we are both hoping to sleep clear-headed.

Recovering after her ordeal.


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