October 24, 2021

Mina and Stella, Josephine's dog, have slowly been getting to know each other.  Little bits here and there.  At first, Mina was quite afraid.  Now, as long as Stella isn't barking too much or too loud, she wags her tail and they share sniffs.  Mina wants to play but when Stella joins in, she gets nervous.  Interesting to watch the process of gaining trust between the two dogs.

 As far as the Amazon scam is concerned, I received an email from the Account Services saying that Jeff Bezos received my email.  They ask for a week to look into it, so I'll sit back and see what happens before pursuing other avenues.

Marlon is happy to be without cast or brace.  I believe he has been on the computer a fair the past couple of days so not doing too much physical activity, however, he has enjoyed a decent amount of Minecraft with friends.


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