October 22, 2021

After my cry for help about getting scammed by Amazon, I received much support and many ideas, some of which I have started following.  I did get an email from Amazon that sounds like it may be a human.  We'll see where that goes.

Hospital visit this morning for Marlon at the fracture clinic.  The doctor recommended using the brace at times when Marlon is being more active or playing, otherwise, his arm is free.  What a relief, as anyone who has ever had a cast knows.

Wednesday, the day after the chemo/LP hospital visit is often a lower day for Marlon but those lows are getting higher.  In other words, he seems to be recovering better.  After this visit, Marlon has started another round of steroids so both dog and boy are taking them.

Mina does have another sore that is oozing but her energy levels are good and she is a pretty happy puppy.  She is sensitive and does best if she is treated gently.  I accidentally kicked her (not hard at all) and she ran off and sat on her blanket.  I gave her hugs and treats but felt bad for that.

Mina prefers carrots over celery.

While on hold on the phone, I gave the cat quality lap time.


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