October 19, 2021

It's early morning, not quite 6 am, I am puttering away in the kitchen, with the dog nearby chewing on her bone.  I hear a rumbling and think it is too early for the construction to start already.  Then I realize the cat has walked into the room.  He growls a little more, hisses, then leaves the room.

Mina really wants to be given a chance.  She was actually sitting in front of the chair watching him sleep.  Sometimes she will cower in the face of his growls, sometimes she will just sit and watch, gently wagging her tail.

On the plus side, she is much better.  I had stopped giving her the steroids for the strangles disease on Friday as it should have been enough time.  I guess it wasn't.

After just one dose on Monday, she started to perk up again.  The sores are not weeping and she is more mischievous and ready for occasional play.  She'll stay on the steroids a while longer.

Marlon had a hospital appointment today.  Chemo and LP (sedation).  It ends up being such a lot of time sitting around.  Marlon woke fast from the sedation and wanted food.  Fair enough, it was after one and he hadn't eaten since the night before.

Mina was home with Thomas and Paco was there for some of it too.  We were gone for over 7 hours and she was very happy to have us back again and I was happy to see her.



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