October 14, 2021

Must be a fungal year.  Mushrooms everywhere.  Big and small, coloured and neutral.

Tired today but blissed out.  So happy to have Mina around.  She loves to play a biting game which isn't so bad now with her baby teeth that have been dulled down but it could get way worse.  I tell her not to bite and try to redirect the play.

I am smiling so much.  I watch her running in the tall grass, playing, chewing on something she isn't supposed to, walking beside me, and then running ahead, turning around to make sure I am still following.

I brought her along to take Marlon to outdoor school.  Taking for drives to get used to being in the car.  She is definitely calmer.  She was very happy to see her boy again when we picked him up this afternoon.

The cat stood near the kitchen and growled and hissed at Mina.  She was scared and hid between my legs.  I had to carry her outside and then back in again when we returned.

Her turkey legs and posing by mushrooms.


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