October 12, 2021

Opalamina seems to be adjusting very well to her new life.  She likes the people she is living with and ignores the cat.  The other day she walked a little too close and Mojo lashed out at her.  She squawked and ran off.

It was getting late and I knew she needed one last trip outside before bed.  I figured I'd do one more thing and then I noticed she wasn't in the kitchen anymore.  I scooched her outside but she didn't pee.  I was crawling around looking for the wet spot on the carpet.  She went by her crate and sniffed and sure enough in the middle of her blanket was the evidence.  I threw it in the wash and got her something else to sleep on.  I haven't discovered any other misses but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

We took her to Guelph today for a park day.  She was ok in the car but not relaxed.  At the park, she was nervous and so she curled up at Es's feet (friend) and slept.  I was concerned that she hadn't peed since we left the house but she did when we stopped by her birth home. She was happy to see her brother and mom (even tried to nurse a little).  I worried she wouldn't want to leave with us but I put her in the car and she accepted.

The size difference between Mina and her brother Teddy.  The top got cut off but they are waiting for Marlon to give them treats.


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