October 10, 2021

Dang.  I had it all written out, hit the wrong button, and replaced it with something else.

I realize I am in the puppy honeymoon phase and I can see we'll be in for a fun, sometimes turbulent ride.

Last night was good, surprisingly so.  I put Mina in the borrowed crate, turned out the lights, and got into bed.  She whimpered a couple of times and was quiet the rest of the night.  I got up at 630, took her outside, she peed and I put her back in until it was light out.

The more comfortable she feels in her new home, the more she is finding things to chew: hair scrunchy, mask, plastic handle from a basket, a book, paper, and whatever else she can get at.

And she is a delight!  Friendly, curious, and playful.

I worked today and I think she missed me but Marlon took grate care of her, feeding her lunch and taking her outside.  They get along well together.

The other day I came in to a bouquet of parsley.  Pretty.


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