October 1, 2021

Even with his cast on his arm, Marlon was back at outdoor school yesterday.

We were supposed to go to the fracture clinic today but they called to change the appointment so now we go on Tuesday.

He got his new mouse and was pretty excited to try to set up the extra buttons to simplify Minecraft play.

When our puppy became sick, we were close to taking her home.  I did not want her be feeling bad as she experienced her new home.  Though she still has sores, she is feeling a fair bit better and I thought we may be able to take her home.  The vet advised against it as the stress of the change could set her health back.  It makes sense but I was so sad and disappointed to hear that.  Her human birth mom is taking such good care of her, the puppy is getting more attached to her so the longer she stays there the bigger the stress.  For now, she is better off with the consistency and safety.

Found a nice puffball mushroom.  My foot is there for size reference.  A customer showed me a picture of one of the puffballs from a farm nearby and it is almost as big as the upper body of the person holding it.  They grow big!


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