September 9, 2021

Last night I called someone we have known for years to ask for a name and number.  While she was able to give me the number and a few more names, she really had no idea who I was.  She kept calling me Sara and trying to place me.  I don't remember what book she was reading but it is not an easy, light read.  Helen is the kind of person that welcomes you into her world.  If you run into her on the street, she will start vocalizing what she was just thinking about but she also pays attention to people and names.

Anyway this morning the phone rang and it was Helen.  'Oh Shera…'. She woke up at 5 this morning and knew who I was and that she had more to say in regards to our previous conversation.  Awareness that comes in the night and a dazed feeling when taken to another place in our waking hours.

It reminds me of a customer a couple of years ago.  She was from Ottawa and telling me what area and the high school she was near.  I was in that dazed space and thought the name of that high school may have sounded familiar to me.  I may have gone there.  I did not know.  It was several days later when I woke up to that conversation.  Yes, I had lived within walking distance of that high school for over 20 years.  I had gone there for a year and my siblings had completed most of their high school years there.  I felt so silly for not knowing.  Tricks of memory and consciousness.

I worked again today and was grateful to have more of the produce codes coming back to mind.  Marlon was happy to see me when I got home.  We went to the market and mini Leathertown festival.  Sometimes Marlon feels uncomfortable with the attention and the 'how are you's but he is happy to get out.

A nice big bouquet brightening up the indoors.


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