September 7, 2021

I made it through my first day back at work.  Yay!!  Out of the blue yesterday, my 6-digit employee number came to mind which was nice. At first, I was completing many eLearning modules and I had wondered how I would keep up with it but it was ok.  Then I was on cash and motor memory took care of me there.  My hands remembered what to do.  I had forgotten many of the codes but that will come.

When I got home, Marlon barely acknowledged me, 'I'm playing with friends.  I'm hungry.'

We had supper, made cookies, played connect 4, and then Paco had a little time to play Minecraft with Marlon.  A few minutes later, Marlon was throwing up again.  He was so upset that Paco finally had time to play and he couldn't do it.

Marlon is nervous during thunderstorms.  Our cat doesn't seem to care.  I was wondering about the puppies and I laughed at puppy mom's response to my query: 'They seemed less scared than me. They were just going with puppy business as usual! Playing, growling, pooping, and sleeping!'.  I can just imagine.  And yet so many dogs get so scared during thunderstorms and I wonder if it is learned, instinctual (loud like guns), or just comes as they get older.

My picture didn't get the full effect of those dark storm clouds.


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