September 22, 2021

Marlon is adjusting well to having a cast and joking around about all the damage he could do with it.  Luckily he hasn't done any yet.

I got another call from the doctor this morning telling me to hold his steroids after all.  Marlon was asking why they don't affect him as much as they used to.  I am not sure about dosage but the length of time he takes them is shorter.  Easier that way.

Now that puppy is on the right medication, she is slowly starting to improve.  

She is still very puffy, her face is all swollen and she has sores on her head, especially her ears.  She was able to walk a few steps.  Marlon came with me to visit her and she didn't get up when we came to say hi but wagged her tail in acknowledgment.  She is happy to sleep on a lap (just like my cat is doing right now).

Marlon asked for more 'sugar glue' today.  His name for our failed pudding.  It is not easy to say 'sugar glue' ten times fast.


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