September 18, 2021

The timing of my eye accident was somehow meant to be.  I have often mentioned audiobooks but I have been taking a self-imposed break from listening to books and podcasts.  I have listened to the occasional one when Marlon wants to do so together.  Had I been listening to something it would have changed the dynamics of the closed-eye sitting time but realistically the pain would have been a distraction from listening.  Coincidence or not.

My other thought was about proper bending.  The stem stabbed my eye because I bent over from the waist.  Had I bent my knees and squatted, it wouldn't have happened.  And I had just finished watching work-based e-learning about proper lifting.  I wasn't lifting but same idea.

Big stress today.  One of the puppies is not well.  Even bigger stress for us as she is our puppy.  Hoping she will be ok.

Marlon's arm continued to heal until bedtime when he gently leaned against the stair railing and reactivated all the pain.  Hopefully, it will ease up and he can sleep.


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